sport Sports betting is a core business for us. Developed with the ultimate generation technology, a thorough knowledge of the business and advanced architectures, represents the most sophisticated software system for Bookmakers on the market.

Gammasoft offers the complete solution for online betting. A new Multi-Skin system that guarantees top performance based on the most advanced technology and that allows the creation of tailored software. Everything is completely customizable with new graphics and content in multiple languages. Multiple channels of games to select the best bet available.

Through the development of its sophisticated and high performance technology, thanks to proven and trusted products and open platform set Gammasoft set the standard for the online gaming and betting industry.

In using the Gammasoft platform, operators are able to provide their customers with the ability to bet and play in multiple languages and currencies across several products and platforms with a single log-in and a centralised account.

Live Betting
live The "Live" section is part of the solution. Every skin of the system has its own customizable section to be able to bet in real time without leaving the solution while giving the user a unique place to interact with.

We offer a complete suite of pre-match and live betting. We are well recognised for our sports-betting expertise. We will continue to expand our sports-betting product range and to offer attractive pricing, as well as to provide a full range of gaming products to meet customers' demands for an exciting gambling experience.we offer a complete suite of pre-match and live betting products across a moltitude of sports 24/7, 365 days.

A simple web admin panel has been developed and is constantly updated to manage the entire system and network of agents/users.

  • Automated tools to create in one click full list of Sport Events and Odds.
  • Odds management , filled with all sort of automations.
  • Complete visibility for affiliates and users about all the transactions of their account.
  • Advanced Tools to manage liability and risks all in one window, with automated controls of dangerous bets.
  • Complete system to assign commissions to affiliates and automated periodical earnings deposit, all based on a customizable engine that can be fully operated by the Bookmaker.
  • Creation, managing and execution of payments for Agents and Users with automated internal procedures.
  • A list of commissions is planned by Gammasoft following the directions of each bookmaker.
  • After the system has done its payments a list of every operation is saved for a check-up.
  • Are present detailed reports that could be fully customised.

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